Saturday, October 24, 2009

Grass Sculpture by Emmaline

Truly great art should be appreciated from several vantage points.

In the middle of this ambitious work. . .

the artist met tragedy. . .

but with great determination, lots of squirming on the ground, and the incentive of fear of the menfolk returning home and discovering their favorite toy disabled, she triumphed over the snake in the grass.

The bigger problem was how to teach the menfolk to appreciate great art. Daunted by this task, the artist ran and hid when they came home.

Even in the dark, Nathaniel espied the sculpture but declared it "scalping" instead. He scolded the artist when she emerged from hiding, "I told you never to mow again!" He still suffers nightmares from the last time she mowed a year ago, starting at the base of a tree and circling out in ever wider spirals.

"I didn't mean to mow there!" the artist explained remorsefully. "I was just going to mow in front of my bower, but then I accidentally mowed this strip, and I thought I better not leave it that way, so I tried to fix it."

She didn't mention that she also got a flat tire, but "tomorrow is another day".


Emily G. said...

I love it! I have never mowed a lawn-my mother wouldn't let me because she coveted the task and now my husband won't let me. But as a child, I used to daydream of how I'd mow. What patterns I'd make...swirls, rings radiating out from around trees-everything my mom didn't do. Emma looks like she had fun.

Eliza said...

Personally, I find her quite talented...and courageous as well!

And do you always get up so early?


Wendy Haught said...

Herb looked at the yard yesterday morning and just shook his head. He didn't scold. He said that the reason Emma was cutting so unevenly was because she had a flat tire to begin with. He fixed that, fitted her with safety glasses, ear protection, a helmet, and boots, and let her loose. I had to laugh when I saw her.

Luckily Nathaniel had already left for work. She didn't make any ruts, but her mowing technique reminds me of the action of my childhood Spirograph. Sounds like your dream come true, Emily!

Thanks, Eliza. I think so too! And, yes, I normally get up early.