Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scottish Country Dance Ball: A Reel Good Time

Music and dancing, hoop skirts and kilts, Emma's first SCD ball was a wonderful experience. Hosted by the Houston District of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society in the ballroom of Rice University's student center, the event featured The Katy Ceilidh Band. (Click on photos to enlarge.)

Emma took the opportunity to wear this beautiful cloak that is a "hand-me-down" she received from a friend a couple of months ago.

The ball began with a Grand March. The lady on the far left, Rebecca Blackhall-Peters, was the guest teacher for this year's ball workshop. Emma took the basic workshop and is looking forward to taking the advanced one next year.Emma and her friend Thomas processed into the ballroom together.

A waltz opened the dance program.

Then the feet began to fly.

What a wonderful, wholesome way to spend the evening!

Dashing, yet oh-so-courteous young men lent an other-world feeling to the ball.

I was told that the gentleman with the beard even mows his yard in a kilt.

I love the detail on the back of his jacket and the top of his socks.

The little dancers were really impressive. They all go to the SCD homeschool classes, which are a mix of age groups. Emma attended the one in Sugar Land. There is also one in Tomball.

Taking a break to visit on the sidelines.

Some of the homeschool boys hammed it up after the ball. The girls posed also, but I missed it as I was juggling a video camera as well.

What can I say? They're just too cute!

Still flushed from all the dancing, but sooo happy.

Don't you know that their mama is proud?

The homeschool teens had an impromptu sing-along outside the ballroom before leaving for the after-party at the Marriott. They belted out What Do You Do with a Drunken Sailor and The Mermaid.

The Ball and Modest Dress

I went through my pictures and cropped out some examples of how the homeschool girls dressed. For the most part, they wore hoop skirts and long gloves and had fans stashed with their purses.

Modesty is beautiful!


Thomas said...

Hey the Guy in the beard, he also made the jacket he was wearing.

Emily G. said...

Ooh, I've been waiting for these and they did not disappoint. Emma's dress is lovely and her hair is absolutely stunning! Did she do that herself or did you help? I like the photo of the family. What handsome children! I'm sure their mother is very proud. It looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks, Thomas. Is he the one that makes kilts, too?

Wendy Haught said...


I stay far away when Emma does anything with her hair. This has been the case since she was about 6!

She didn't really like any of the styles she saw at the salon and detests the hair products that are essential for those with long, straight, fine hair, so she divided her hair into sections in the back, slipknotted them and "crocheted" them with her fingers. She had planned to do the top that way also but ran out of time. (She spent a lot of time applying makeup,then decided that she didn't like it at all and took it off. And the makeup was the only thing that I spent real money on!)

Start planning now for Maria's first ball. Those little girls had great fun. I got video of a tiny boy waltzing with a tiny girl. So adorable! I can't wait for grandchildren!