Thursday, October 8, 2009

What to Wear in New York in December?

Nathaniel and Emma are going with six other young choir members from our parish to Syracuse, NY, from Dec. 30 to Jan. 5. They will join young adults from several other SSPX parishes to sing Josquin des Prez's Missa Pange Lingua at the chapel there.

They've got their plane tickets; now I'm thinking about clothes. I remember us all suffering miserably with the cold when we visited Niagara Falls in December one year, and that was when Emma and I still wore pants. (By the way, if you're thinking of going camping in the Northeast during the late Fall or Winter, CALL FIRST. Our experience was that they just close up all the campgrounds and depart for Florida, forcing us to "camp" in Target and Wal-Mart parking lots.)

Back to the matter at hand. I need advice from Northern women! What does Emma need to wear to keep her legs from freezing? Tights? Long Johns? Knit pants under her skirt? All of the above? What brands are good?

Thanks in advance for the help!


Emily G. said...

Well, not all of the above. Although I guess those of us who live where it gets cold are more used to it. A coat, scarf, and gloves, of course. Heavier skirt (wool is good, denim is not actually very warm). You can wear long johns with knee socks pulled over them so they are not visible. Those leggings that are in style right now are also great for keeping legs warm. I got some at Kohl's. Heavy cotton tights with a slip made of flannel is good, too. I have met girls who make fleece pantaloons, though I've never worn them myself. The main thing is layers. Multiple thin layers is warmer than one or two thick ones. After going through winters in pants and skirts I think skirts with appropriate leg coverings underneath are actually warmer than pants. The pants cling to your legs so when the wind hits you it cuts right through to your skin. A full skirt has so much fabric, even when it is blown against you it just seems warmer. On top, silk undershirts are my favourite for under tops because they are lightweight, feel soft, and are super warm.

Good luck getting outfitted for cold weather!

elena maria vidal said...

Dress warmly. Wear thick tights under woolen skirt. Hat, scarf, and gloves a MUST.

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks to Emily G. at My Song of Joy and Elena Maria Vidal at Tea at Trianon for their suggestions. I feel much more confident about what to purchase now.

In addition to basics like hat, scarf, and gloves, both ladies recommended wool skirts and tights for leg warmth. That is where I will start.

We will be shopping for the wool skirts during our regular thrift store rounds. I will order cotton tights or wool tights from Vermont Country Store.

Emma also wants to make a flannel slip as Emily suggested.

Thanks again Emily and Elena Maria.