Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting the Cart Before the Horse

Emma and I spent an hour looking through bridal hairstyle books and brides' magazines the other day trying to get updo ideas for the ball.

I couldn't resist reading part of one article on how a wedding planner chose the theme for one couple's wedding: she drew ideas from the way they had decorated their apartment. That's right. The couple had a beautifully-decorated apartment. All the pictures indicated they had been living together there for a while. I know that this is not unusual today, but what bothered me was that the magazine used this couple as an example for wedding planning. What a horrible message for women: if you want a wedding that really reflects your "style", co-habitate with your fiance' first!

So tell me, just what kind of wedding present do you buy for couples like this? A gift card?

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Emily G. said...

I know! My cousin just got married in July. My mother got invited; I didn't but I was helping her choose a gift. The girl was on her second house and the man she married was the second man she'd cohabitated with (for about 2 years each). What on earth do you get someone like that that they don't already have??