Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pray for the Caustic Commenters

"Commenters here can be very extreme, grumpy, and uncharitable."

That's the warning in the links section of the Psallite Sapienter blog about Rorate-caeli. I find the warning to be true, but I find commenters like that in so many places, and nothing sends me from a comments page faster than folks who come to a discussion armed with with razors and ice picks.

Ironically, I visited Psallite via a link on Rorate-caeli to read about saying goodbye to the Alleluia today, Septuagesima Sunday:

We do not so much put away Alleluia for a time, as begin the Year with it - at first Vespers of Septuagesima (once at the start, and four times at the end with the Benedicamus Domino otherwise special to Paschaltide), signifying that "In the beginning" Man and all that God created was "very good" (as in the Dominican Office the special Responsory at first Vespers tells) - then immediately leave it aside (symbolizing the Fall and the consequent captivity of all men under sin) till Christ by His Victory, bursting forth from the tomb on Easter morn, restores all things in Himself, making all things new.

"Alleluia, our transgressions / Make us for a while give o'er..."

The mediævals called this the Depositio Alleluia, the burial, even of the Alleluia - for as Adam sinned and died and was buried, so the heavenly song of original justice must be laid aside. (Some local ceremonies of old time for this involved writing Alleluia on parchment, and actually burying it!)

I love the whole idea of the Depositio Alleluia.  It made me wonder, though, about the caustic commenters and if they ever hear, much less sing, the Alleluia. I think for them it stays buried, casting a pall over their whole lives.

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