Monday, February 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

The ground is still too wet here to build Fiona's barn, so Emma continues to bring her to the back door sidewalk to milk her. Fiona gets to eat Alfalfa while she is being milked and has to settle for Coastal hay in her pasture. Consequently she wants to lick up every last stray Alfalfa leaf before Emma takes her back. If Emma tries to take her back before Fiona is done, then Emma literally has to drag her all the way. If Emma waits too long after Fiona finishes her meal, a huge, green, steaming consequence plops onto the sidewalk.

Timing is indeed everything.

The other day, Emma had bad timing. Barefoot and armed with a shovel, she was working to get the mess cleaned up. Nathaniel looked out and saw her, and a look of concern appeared on his face for his little sister. He hurried to the door, and I was so proud of him, because I knew that he was going to take the shovel from Emma and do the job himself.

He opened the door and called, "Emma, put some shoes on!"

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ginger said...

hahaaha! that's great! totally nathan! lol...way 2 go,..=p