Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They're in a New York State of Mind

The wise men have arrived in Bethlehem, and my babies have returned from Syracuse. Their plane landed at Houston Intercontinental last night around 8:00.

We didn't get to visit much before bedtime, but I learned this much:

They LOVED Syracuse and especially Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God parishioners like Mrs. Zallo (in the apron)--so much so that Nathaniel desires to move there and plans to return for the academy's graduation in June.

Emma confessed no such desire--yet, but daily snow and an "outdoor!" skating rink enthralled her, not to mention parishioners who love to dance. She said they had two dances during the five days of their visit. They danced contras and Virginia reels, a broom? dance, and even did some swing dancing, which Emma adored.

And the memories of napping, traveling, and hanging out with friends will be cherished forever.

Thanks to Fr. Stanich for making it all possible.

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