Thursday, March 18, 2010

Are You Going to Anderson Fair

to see the vanNorstrand brothers tonight?

I promised Emma I would take her. These young men from New York played the double contra dance for Houston Area Traditional Dance Society last weekend and really impressed her. She even forked over cash money for their A Certain Tree CD. This is a big deal for a girl who, until she bought her milk cow last December, still had checks from her 13th birthday. Here's a description of the CD from the van Norstrand's bio:

Nearing the end of high school, Andrew and Noah began working seriously on more concert-oriented material and developing a unique sibling vocal blend. The result was 2007's A Certain Tree (GBR CD004) which, although consisting of entirely original music, was something of a return to their old-time Appalachian, early country and bluegrass roots. Highlights from this project included their debut as budding singer-songwriters as well as a two-part, twelve-minute instrumental piece dedicated to the woes of poison ivy and arranged for mandolin quartet.

You can sample their music here. My favorite is "Let Them Go". We plan to purchase their new CD when it becomes available later this spring.

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