Monday, March 1, 2010

The Beauty of Bespoke


British English term for clothing made at a customer's behest, and exactly to the customer's specification. Bespoke clothing is created without use of a pre-existing pattern, differentiating it from made to measure, which alters a pattern to fit the customer.
- from the word bespeak, meaning to ask for or order something. Has its roots in Savile Row, dating from the 17th century when tailors held the full lengths of cloth on their premises. When a customer would choose a length of cloth, it was said to have 'been spoken for.'
--Edwin DeBoise, Savile Row Bespoke Tailor

Giuseppe at An Affordable Wardrobe has a post with photos of a gorgeous bespoke hunting jacket. It is pure handsome in detail and fabric. I would love to see a man wearing it, accessorized with an appropriate firearm and a sleek hunting dog.


Eliza said...

Hi, Wendy, I am trying to be more lady like and all, but, well you know you're a redneck when... (or country bumpkin, or just plain silly), but your blog led me to "An Affordable Wardrobe", which led me to the "Vermont Country Store", which led me to, which led me to the following product: Lady Monkey-Butt Powder... I am really trying to be more sophisticated and lady like, but this was too funny! Then again, maybe it will help me be more lady like? hee hee...

Wendy Haught said...


That's funny, but I would love to hear what you thought about the hunting jacket. I know you sew and have made men's jackets for
Scottish Country Dancing.

Maybe we could get Emma to weave some fabric like it, and you she could make some hunting jackets for our menfolk!

Fotofule said...

fMy hubby bought a second-hand Harris Tweed on eBay, saying it was what all the rich kids wore when he was growing up. Quite a handsome jacket, and so is he, wearing it.

Wendy Haught said...

Wow! Things were sure different up North!