Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Expressions of Our Catholic Faith

Princess Henrietta Maria of France, painted by Anthony Van Dyck, 1632

"Like his Continental masters, Rubens and Titian, and like the King's spouse, Henrietta Maria of France, van Dyck was a Catholic. Even if a Puritan could be a painter, never could he rejoice as does van Dyck in the play of light upon gorgeous fabrics, or portray costumes still more fanciful than they were in reality, like van Dyck's ballooning sleeves."--Bishop Richard Williamson, "Kings Insufficient"

I am fascinated by the difference between Catholicism and Puritanism, and the preceding quote by Bishop Williamson stayed on my mind after I read it, popping up at the oddest moments: "Even if a Puritan could be a painter. . ." It really brought home to me how our Faith shapes us.

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