Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pattern Drafting

Friday and Saturday Emma attended a pattern drafting class in Houston. This diagram is supposed to show which measurements to take and record so that you can alter a commercial pattern to fit you.

The first day of class was taken up with measuring. The ladies chose partners and took each other's measurements. Emma loves her partner, Mynd. They get along great, but they don't talk so much that it keeps them from getting work done. Emma says that their thinking styles complement each other. Emma explains the theory to Mynd, and Mynd applies it.

The second day they taped their trimmed patterns on the wall and started measuring them against their own measurements.

They had to do a lot of re-measuring to verify. Their homework assignment is to bring a hand-basted muslin of their pattern to class next Friday. When class time was over on Saturday, the students adjourned to the Galleria mall, where the group toured a top-notch alterations shop. Afterward, they were instructed to visit the designer floor of Neiman Marcus and study the construction techniques of the clothes there.

Emma and Mynd had a blast doing this.

They loved the back of this dress.


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