Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating with Goobers and Fresh Tater Pies

In honor of the Fourth and the freedom and independence it represents, I asked Herb to take the last meat rabbit we have and "throw it in the briar patch" next to the hangar. Of course I was thinking of the great Uncle Remus tale about Br'er Rabbit and the Tar Baby. Surprisingly, when I looked up the story, I found that the poem below introduces it, and it references celebrating the "Fo'th" in the South.

I declare, it's jes one mo' reason to love us good ole rebels--bless our cotton-pickin' hearts!

In Levemteen Hunder'd-an'-Full-er-Fleas,
When dey raise sech a crap er goober peas,
De creeturs wuz all des ez chummy ez you please:
Dey raced an' dey rastled, dey jumped an' dey played,
An' dey wa'n't nothin' 'tall fer ter make 'um 'fraid.

Dey had der parties, bofe dar an' here,
Id May-pop puddin' an' 'simmon beer;
An' de way dey keep der Fo'th-er-Julys
Wuz in eatin' goobers an' fresh tater pies-
An' dey wa'n't no dought, an' no perhaps,
Dat dey holp one anudder out wid der craps. . .

Top Left--Br'er Rabbit and Tar Baby by A. B. Burdett
Right--Statue of Br'er Rabbit on Courthouse lawn at Eatonton, GA, via

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