Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Word from My Sweet Boy in Rome

According to the itinerary, today is the first day that the jam sessioners are to officially be in Rome. They visited Sienna and Florence after they left Assisi.

My dear, still-cuddly firstborn is thinking of my birthday tomorrow and sent me the message below. Is he a sweetheart or what? I miss him in a different way than I miss Emma. I particularly miss him hugging me and picking me up every day, even though it makes me holler. I can never ever stay mad at my beamish boy, even when I want to. He knows how to make me laugh. Every time I come home and see his truck in the driveway, my heart leaps, then crashes, when I realize that it doesn't mean he is home. I like to go in his room and smell his smell and listen to his radio. I did that yesterday. He will just die if he finds out I put that on my blog. But hey, what are moms for, if not to embarrass our young?

Hello all!

So we are in Rome and just wanted to say Happy Birthday since I don't know if I will be able to get on on the 5th. Everything is beautifull!. . .we are walking all day everyday from church to church... still lots of fun!

Bye Bye!

Love to all

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