Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Men are Deep

I have a deeper (hee-hee) appreciation for the term "man cave" after reading "Why Feminism Must Go Underground" on The Thinking Housewife. It really surprised me that there are no women working on the new subway tunnel in the picture. Last week I saw a woman officer of the court decked out in her men's uniform (Those snap-close chest pockets look really foolish on full-figured gals.) and standing with her feet planted far apart in her big, clunky boots, ready to draw her sidearm I guess. It was so depressing. I could easily imagine her working underground with an all-male crew.

I've noticed that all the police shows on TV now feature "tough guy" detective women who never flinch at gruesome murder scenes, capably catch bad guys who are bigger and stronger than they, swagger like men, and are often the bosses of the men detectives. What I can't figure out is why these shows are popular with men? Do modern men desire to be dominated by women? I don't get it.

Artwork: New York Post photo via The Thinking Housewife

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