Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's a Red Lipstick Day

I drooped a little this morning with the Weight of The World. I don't know if it is hormonal or what, but lately it is easy for me to cry.

After I dried my tears, I decided I needed something to perk me up and re-direct my day. Instantly, I remembered Emma's new red lipstick. I borrowed it and carefully painted my lips. Wow! I felt vibrant. I'm going to have to procure my own tube of that stuff. I think I understand now why it was so popular in the 40s. All the women were trying to stay cheerful during the war.

Emma decided that she, too, would have a red lipstick day. She took the brazen lip color back to her bathroom and perked herself up right speedily. Then we decided to take pictures. Unfortunately the good camera's battery was dead, so we used the little one, and it could not handle the abundance of sunbeams bouncing off Emma's yellow walls.

Emma looks more womanly than girlish to me. I don't know if that's really true or if it is just my mind trying to help me adjust to her starting college on Monday.

She ended up only wearing her red lipstick for the pictures. She was going to spend the afternoon as a mother's helper, so she changed clothes and applied peachy-pink lip color. It did seem more appropriate. I, however, was going to the feed store, so I left mine on.

After I returned with my 100 pounds of chicken feed, I took some pictures of myself with the newly-charged good camera and used one of them for my profile picture. Best to take advantage of the opportunity, I decided. Who knows when I'll have another red lipstick day!


Fotofule said...

Oh, don't droop, Miss Wen! You have an adoring sister in B'ham that loves you like nobody's bidness (although I do realize that can't make up for impending emptynesterhood).

You both look smashing in red!

Wendy Haught said...

Thanks, Miz B. My tears had nothing to do with empty nesthood or Emma going to college. ;)

Kindred Spirit said...

You both look lovely: red lipstick is so very cheery! May God bless you and your dear ones; and thank you for following my blog. I just discovered yours, and it is a treasure!

Wendy Haught said...

Dear Kindred Spirit,

Emma and I are inspired by your blog every day. We are so grateful for all you do!

Kindred Spirit said...

And your comments are an inspiration to me! I'm so glad to have such good companions on the journey of life. The distances between any of us in this world are not as great as we might imagine and, as we know, everything that happens is part of God's plan. May God bless you and Our Lady protect you, dear kindred spirits.

Wendy Haught said...

My dear Kindred Spirit,

Thank you for your beautiful thoughts. They are very consoling, and oh, so true. I'm only recently beginning to understand how much.