Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who Wears Short Shorts?

Yesterday Emma and I went to the community college to get her tested so that she can register for fall classes. I did a considerable amount of waiting and passed the time reading and people watching.

The students looked friendly. The campus was clean and attractive. I think Emma will enjoy her classes. But she won't fit in with her female peers when the predominant dress for girls is tank tops and short shorts. SHORT shorts. I had to keep my head down when I walked up the stairs behind these girls. I guess the guys must get used to this level of female exposure, or else they would all have to drop out from sheer distraction. I noticed that they dressed slightly better than the girls and wore long pants quite a bit more often than the girls. Tattoos and piercings seemed scarce, an unexpected bonus.

On the way home, I asked Emma if she had given any thought to how she would dress for class after seeing how the other girls dressed. She reminded me that the adviser we had spoken with late in the afternoon remarked to us that we had been there a long time. We hadn't told her that information. Clearly, she had noticed us earlier in the day because we stood out in our dresses. With that in mind, Emma decided that she would definitely not wear her cheerful red gingham jumper that she wore on the picnic with Angela. I really don't know if the style of dress makes that much difference. When no one else is wearing one, you're going to draw attention.


Fotofule said...

Cait wears dresses, although not red gingham ones :).

hebiew said...

Wendy, I think that one of the most important elements of finding happiness, is to be yourself. If Emma likes her red gingham dress and it makes her happy, then she ought wear it when ever she likes. To school, on picnics, where ever. I also think that if Emma wants to drive a car with big flames painted on it and a racoon tail hanging off the antenna, then so be it. Let me know if she wants a racoon tail, I've got my sights on a certain furry interloper....

Wendy Haught said...


Oh, good! The thought did occur to me that maybe the girls dress differently when classes are in session. Plus, there will probably be some Pentecostal girls. . .


Thank you for that. Part of me felt really sad when she said she wouldn't wear the red gingham. I think the way she dresses cheers a lot of people without her even realizing it. I hate for her to draw attention to herself, because the potential is there for it to be quite negative, but boy does this world need every little bright spot that comes along. Besides, her example may change some hearts.

Painted flowers and strands of pearls on her car, yes. Flames and raccoon tails, never. But your support is so sweet and much appreciated. Good luck coon huntin'.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee. Maybe I did say that I wouldn't wear my picnic dress, but I didn't say anything about capes and historical costumes..... I'm planning on wearing those whenever I feel the desire. Who cares if they think me strange!

The Merry Milkmaid

Emily G. said...

I never tried to fit in at college. To do so I would have had to wear pajamas, or possibly very tight jeans. I wore what I liked. People remembered me because I looked strange. I didn't care. Emma should wear what makes her comfortable and happy.

Kristyn said...

When everyone else is dressed so immodestly, a modestly dressed girl is bound to "stick out." I was one of those "Pentecostal girls" and when I went to Bible college we had to wear skirts to class and chapel. Inevitably there were times we went out afterward without having time to change. A few years later a Catholic priest told me he served in a church in that same town where I went to college. He told me he only wished the Catholic girls would dress like us Bible college girls. :)
A jean skirt and top is usually not too attention drawing. I really do hate drawing attention to myself and the only reason I dress like I do is because I know it what God expects from me... Femininity is beautiful and needs good advertisement. :)

Wendy Haught said...

Hi Kristyn!

I only wish the Catholic girls would dress like the Bible college girls too! Emma always gravitates to the Pentecostal girls. Their hearts are in the same place as hers.

Yes, femininity is beautiful, especially when it brings out masculinity in the men!

Anonymous said...

Emma, don't mind what other girls are wearing - wear the red gingham if you want! You're standing out already, so you might as well do so in style! You never know, you might just become a trendsetter. :) I don't know which campus you're going to, but the one I'm at you do occasionally see girls in long dresses (though not very often). Sure, you might get some extra attention and maybe people will think you're a little odd, but once they get to know you it won't be a problem. With the right attitude, anything can be done. Wear it with pride!

Wendy Haught said...

Hi, Marin!

Thanks for commenting. I'll tell Emma.

Are you at school in the northeast now? How we'll all miss seeing you at the dances. I would love to keep in touch if you have time.

Mrs. Haught