Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Answer to Fallen Priests, Murdered Children, and Other Tragedies Far From My Home

I pray for them.

I pray for priests, seminarians, and religious every day.  I pray for the dead, the dying, the sick, our country, our leaders, etc.  It's the only reasonable response I can come up with to the sorrows of this world.  I have decided that I just don't want to know any particulars.  I don't want to know the details of tragic events outside of my direct sphere of influence.  Why?  Because the details upset me, and for every breaking news story begging me to be outraged and/or cry, there are hundreds of others that are not reported.  What about them?  Being upset is a negative thing because it distracts me from doing my duty, and it uses up my emotional energy with no return on my investment.  The world seems bent on sucking out my emotions.  I am learning, finally, to guard them.  A woman's emotions are too delicate a thing to be tampered with.  All the researching I have been doing on the female endocrine system reinforces my decision to extremely limit my exposure to stress, and bad news is a stressor as far as the endocrine system is concerned.  Chronic stress can overtax the adrenals, leading to adrenal fatigue, which can start a domino effect of problems for your hormones.  The stressed body will actually rob reproductive hormones to pay adrenal hormones.  In this way stress and poor diet seem to be the main contributors to the rising problem of infertility.  On the way to out and out infertility, you get to visit mood swings, PMS, and depression.

Also, I want to cultivate inner peace so that I can share it with my family, especially my husband, who must go out into the world every day to earn a living.  I have found that if I am all caught up in the latest murder/kidnapping/scandal then that is hard for me to do.

Our modern lifestyles are overly stressful.  A lot of it we cannot control.  However, we can certainly limit our exposure to "news".   I am choosing to be the heart of my home, not the heart of the world.

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Fotofule said...

So, so very true, Miss Wen, every morsel of what you said. It profits us nothing to know more than can be used to influence or to benefit our loved ones and ourselves.