Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beer with No Fear

I know all my readers have been dying to hear my gluten-free beer recommendation, so here it is!

BARD'S.  It's made from malted sorghum, and it was thoroughly tested by my dear husband, who loves quality beer.  He said that he could not tell that it was gluten-free, it just tasted good.

Now you can grab an Amy's gluten-free pizza from the freezer at your grocery store and a six-pack of Bard's and not feel deprived one bit.  Except maybe of some dollars.  All this gluten-free stuff costs more, of course.  I think the beer was $9-$10.  We bought it at Spec's, a family-owned, Texas chain of liquor stores.  When I visited their site to get the link for this post, I discovered that they have a wedding/event gift registry!  O Happy Day!  Goodbye, Amazon!  Hello, Spec's!

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