Friday, August 17, 2012

A Nun Speaks Out: "Leave the Syrian People Alone"

Our government is funding and training the rebels, which means the USA is working alongside the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda against Christians and other innocent civilians.  Yes, even babies have been brutally murdered.  I read about one in particular who was killed out on the street right in front of his family.  Both presidential nominees and their running mates support the continued military interference of the United States in sovereign countries.

Here is the story, via American Everyman, of the nun in the video as explained on Information Clearinghouse:

A NUN who has been superior at a Syrian monastery for the past 18 years has warned that media coverage of ongoing violence in that country has been “partial and untrue”. It is “a fake”, Mother Agnes Mariam said, which “hides atrocities committed in the name of liberty and democracy”.

Superior of the Melkite Greek Catholic monastery of St James the Mutilated in Qara, in Syria’s diocese of Homs, which is in full communion with Rome, she left Ireland yesterday after a three-day visit during which she met representatives of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Maynooth.

She told The Irish Times she was in Ireland “not to advocate for the (Assad) regime but for the facts”. Most news reports from Syria were “forged, with only one side emphasised”, she said. This also applied to the UN, whose reports were “one-sided and not worthy of that organisation”.

UN observers in Syria had been “moderate with the rebels and covered for them in taking back positions after the withdrawal of heavy equipment, as seen so tragically in Homs”, she said.

When it was put to her this suggested the whole world was out of step except for Syria, Russia and China, she protested: “No, no, there are 20 countries, including some in Latin America” of the same view.  Read the rest HERE.

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