Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Home for St. Joseph

Emma brought me a little St. Joseph statue from Italy three years ago this month.  I loved him, and have moved him all around the house, from the kitchen sink window sill to the guest bedroom.

A few weeks ago Emma surprised me with this gorgeous display piece.  She had discovered it at a thrift store and knew I would love it.  She also knew that it would work well with the colors and style of our living room and breakfast area, which are open to one another.

I couldn't believe it when Emma showed it to me.  I loved the detail in the woodwork and the painting!   And the first thing I thought of was little St. Joseph and how perfect this piece would be for him.

As soon as we put him in there we knew it was made for him.  No more wandering for St. Joseph!

I talk to him every day now, and he keeps an eye on all my doings in the kitchen and living room.

This brings me so much joy.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I can't believe she found something so beautiful in a thrift shop! It looks perfect.

Wendy Haught said...

I know, Kathy! I can't either. I am so blessed.

Emily G. said...

Wow! At a thrift shop??? I'm so jealous. I have a hand painted Our Lady of Quito (Like this: whom I brought back from Ecuador almost 10 years ago now. She would match that shelf perfectly, though I bet she's too tall. St. Joseph looks very at home. A nice carved wooden shelf seems very appropriate for him. Great find, Emma!