Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Eat Eggs for Breakfast and Get a Chocolate Fix at the Same Time


I fix breakfast for my mom and dad every morning and carry it down to their house in my back yard.  I've been in kind of a rut lately, cooking way too many variations of scrambled eggs or oatmeal.  My parents don't get out much except to go to the doctor.   They often don't sleep well either, so it is important to me that I prepare breakfasts that they enjoy but are also deeply nourishing.  At the same time, I often need something that I can prepare quickly.  That's why I was excited to find this One Minute Flourless Chocolate Cupcake recipe.  I doubled it and came out with 11, not-so-tall cupcakes.  Doubling it uses 6 eggs.  Emma said they were more like a chocolate soufflé, as they were not sweet.  If you want sweet, you can just add more honey.  I dabbed a little plain cream cheese on top.  I don't use a microwave, so I baked them at 350 for 10 minutes.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Sounds good, I love anything that can use up my excess eggs when I get too many. Chocolate doesn't hurt either!!

Wendy Haught said...

Yes, chocolate is definitely something my parents look forward to! Just don't over bake. They'll get rubbery.