Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On My Florida Vacation

I got to talk to a lady from Switzerland who now lives and farms in Bonifay, FL, and was selling eggs and jams and such at a farmer's market in Seaside, FL.  We talked about organic feed mills!  I was in heaven.  Her chickens free range all day, and she gives them a certified organic feed with NO soy.  That, my friends, is hard to come by.  You can buy certified organic eggs at the grocery store, but most likely the chickens who produce them do not have access to pasture, and their feed is full of soy.  The eggs will have soy protein in them.   A bag of certified organic, soy-free chicken feed costs about $35.  This lady sells a dozen eggs for $7.  I could taste the difference.

I spent the most glorious time playing in the Gulf.  I could not get enough of it.  I learned, via my husband's observations while snorkeling, that sand dollars crawl along the bottom and leave tracks!  For some reason, this little fact charmed me.  I spent many happy moments imagining sand dollars marching  resolutely across the sand, leaving behind their little sand dollar trails before burying themselves for some unknown--to me anyway--endeavor.

I also learned that my modest bathing costume alarms life guards.  I was frolicking along in about knee-deep water, happy and carefree, when a life guard paddled over to me on his surf board, or whatever it is they use.  He greeted me, and I thought, "What a nice young man!".  He asked me where I was from.  I told him and asked him where he was from.  I was thinking, "Now isn't he sweet to come over here and make conversation with me!"

Then, the bombshell.  "Why are you swimming in your clothes?" he asked me.

"I'm not swimming in my clothes.  This is my swimsuit," I explained.

"I always check on people who wear their clothes into the water," he said.

Because I didn't choose to wear undergarments to swim in public, he thought I was crazy? *sigh*  Later, my children laughingly explained it for me.  "Yeah, Mom, he thought you were trying to commit suicide!"  :(

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