Monday, March 7, 2016

These are the Moments

Can you see how much Emma loves her daddy?

My dear husband was finally able to make it to one of Emma's piano recitals at her community college recently.  He was in Houston at a shop supervising the work being done on some kind of huge part, was it a valve? for a unit in the refinery where he works.  So he left there, came home and picked me up, and we dashed to the school--gobbling our lunch while we drove--very uncivilized, I admit.  We managed to get to the school in the middle of the first performance, and Emma was up next.  Of course, she was texting me, "Where are you?"

We waited in the lobby until we could scoot in between performances and grab seats.  It was so exciting for me for Herb to get to come--and for Emma, too.  Afterward I got this "prison lineup" shot of them outside the recital hall.  They're so cute together and so much alike!

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