Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Days of Vine(gar) and Noses*

When Emma went to clean her grandparent's house the other day, Grandma whipped out the vinegar jug. This proved interesting when Emma entered the shower. She told me that she said, "Come on in here with me, Grandma!"

Grandma did, seating herself on the built-in seat.

Emma began scrubbing. The vinegar fumes began their work, and Emma said that it was really good for her and Grandma's congestion. "Our noses were running, and we were laughing and coughing up all kinds of stuff!" she said.

So now your suspicions are confirmed. My family is weird. It's been weird as long as I can remember, but we tried to keep it quiet. Now we've finally come out of the shower.

*For you young folks, my title is a play on the song, The Days of Wine and Roses. It's pitiful, I know. You can take solace in the fact that it's better than the other ones I tried, unless, of course, you are partial to Rocky Mountain (Vinegar) High


Fotofule said...

Weird but wonderful! Go Grandma & Emma!

I'm going through the same "cleansing" actions. Decided to give up milk products, and after 5 days, I'm breathing better already.

And I must be nigh unto exceedingly ancient. I got the title's reference immediately!

Wendy Haught said...

O Ancient One,

I thought some folks might enjoy the mental picture of Grandma and Emma cozied up in the shower sniffing vinegar fumes. I should have known it would be kinfolk!